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There are rules against meritless lawsuits and lies and the courts should apply them to Trump’s post-election litigation.

Enter the Fray

Trump’s own attorney general says there wasn’t fraud that would change the election’s outcome. Leading Republicans should listen.

Here are the Los Angeles Times’ editorial board endorsements for president, California ballot measures and more.

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The Supreme Court has ordered New York to lift COVID-19 restrictions on places of worship. A Pasadena-based church hopes it will order California to do that.

Either we form a partnership with China to turn the tide on greenhouse gas emissions or it won’t be done, former California Gov. Jerry Brown says.

Orange County defied polarization in the elections, moved back toward the center-right and reinforced its relevance to the state’s political future.

As Trump and his apparatchiks pull the party down around them, they’re lashing out not just at the democratic system, but at the right itself.

My daughter is ag亚洲只为非凡home for winter break. She tested negative and then retreated to her room to quarantine.

Denmark’s minks were just the latest example of why cramming animals together is dangerous to humans.

Unlike most of the nation’s great river systems, the Mobile Basin has survived with its rich biodiversity mostly intact. That is changing.

Trump’s continuous attacks on American democracy could lead to four years of durable disorder, acts of violence that become so common we stop to notice but barely flinch.

A study shows that only 3% of Latino adults use the label “Latinx,” but the term has vocal supporters. The debate about names and identity among Latinos isn’t new, especially in politics.


As the country grapples with the role of systemic racism, The Times has committed to examining its past.

All presidential elections are uniquely consequential, but a good case can be made that the next one is the most important of our lives. The time has come to undo the great mistake of 2016 and drive Trump out of office at the ballot box.

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